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    WCIO 2018
    IO Events

    June 2018
    Thursday, June 7 - Sunday, June 10, 2018
    The Seaport Hotel Boston
    Friday, June 22 - Sunday, June 24, 2018
    Hong Kong, China
    June 2019
    Friday, June 7 - Tuesday, June 11, 2019
    The Seaport Hotel Boston, MA

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       June 7, 2017- 10:00 AM      February 19, 2017- 10:00 AM      February 15, 2017- 11:00 AM
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    The Society of Interventional Oncology serves as the only member-based organization dedicated wholly to the emerging field of IO. (Est 1/17/17)
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    Interested in changing the face of IO? Apply to join one of SIO's volunteer committees. Today is the last day to ap… Comparison of TACE With Single-Drug TACE Using Doxorubicin-Eluting Beads: Long-Term Survival in 313 Patients
    Case Archives

    The IO-Central Case Archives is a leading resource to read various step-by-step cases in the interventional oncology field. This is a great opportunity to create discussion, ask questions, and interact with your peers in the field.

    Visit our Case Archives. Below you will find sample cases that you can use for further IO education and development.


    Please submit cases or questions regarding submissions directly to the editor, Dr. Prasad Dalvie at

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    Washington, DC 20036 USA
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