About the Society


SIO Board of Directors

Stephen Solomon

Stephen Solomon, MD, President

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

William Rilling

William Rilling, MD, President-Elect

Medical College of Wisconsin

Riad Salem

Riad Salem, MD, MBA Treasurer

Northwestern Memorial Hospital


Matthew Callstrom, MD, PhD, Director-at-Large

Mayo Clinic

Alban Denys

Alban Denys, MD, Director-at-Large

University of Lausanne

Nahum Goldberg

Nahum Goldberg, MD, Director-at-Large

Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center

Alexis Kelekis

Alexis Kelekis, MD, Director-at-Large

Attikon University Hospital Athens

Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim, MD, Director-at-Large

Yale Cancer Center

Costantinos Sofocleous

Costantinos Sofocleous, MD, PhD, Director-at-Large

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center