Second Opinion Session

As a part of the SIO 2019 Scholarship Program, all fellows and residents are required to submit a case for the program's Second Opinion session. We are looking for interesting cases in which the panel of experts could be asked to weigh in on.

Each individual should take a patient scenario in 1-2 slides (define scope of problem, highlight the clinical challenge) to the point where a decision needs to be made. The next 3-5 slides should detail to what course of treatment was chosen and how it turned out for the patient. 

Your case submission will be weighed with your other application materials and help determine your acceptance into the program. Then, 5-8 cases will be selected for the Second Opinion session and those fellows/residents will have the opportunity to present with SIO faculty. If you are a scholarship recipient but have not been selected for the session, your case will still be displayed on the SIO site for recognition.

If you have any questions about the Fellows & Residents Scholarship application, please email


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