The scholarship amount is a determined by the locality of the recipient in relation to the conference location. This year the conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston locals will receive $200, other United States based applicants will receive $750, and international applicants will receive $1,000.

When do I receive the stipend?

You will receive your check onsite at the conference.

Where can I find the W-9 Form?

You can find the W-9 on the IRS website. The direct link to the form is here:


What do I do if I'm an international applicant and don't have a W-9?

Please download and submit this document in place of the W-9 in your application.

I have graduated from medical school but have not started my residency; am I eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, post-graduate medical students are eligible for the scholarship, but preference is given first to fellows, then fourth year residents, etc. 

Is the Chief of Service the same as the Program Director in this instance?


If they wish to, can faculty members submit letters of recommendation directly to SIO?

Yes. Please have faculty members email their letter of recommendation to and include the fellow or resident’s name in the email specifying that it is for the scholarship. 

When submitting your application, the letter of recommendation attachments are required. Attach a word document stating, the Program Director or faculty member submitting the letter in support of (your name) will be sent from (doctor's name) and e-mail address.


I am continuing my residency or fellowship in a new hospital in July; do I submit letters of recommendation from my current program or new program?

Since SIO will be held in June, and the transition isn’t until July; letters of recommendations should be submitted by the Program Director or a faculty member of your current program.

If I’m traveling from a farther state due to boards or fellowship/residential activities, will that be considered in the decision process?

Yes. Please email to inform us that you will be traveling from a different state than your residency and we will note it on your application. 



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