Kick-Off SIO2020 with the SIO Master Class: MSK

On Thursday, 30 January 2020, we invite you to kick off your SIO weekend by joining the SIO Master Class: Musculoskeletal Interventional Oncology.

The Event You Don't Want to Miss!

Designed to bridge principles into practice for academic and private practitioners of all levels of experience, this full-day course includes didactic lectures immediately followed by hands-on image-guided practice on specially-constructed simulation models that mimic real-world challenges.

, A dozen international experts will lead this technical, how-to course covering:

  • Biopsy approach (head to toe)
  • Injections/neurolysis/nerve ablation
  • Tumor ablation and embolization
  • Vertebral augmentation
  • Pelvic cementoplasty

The course concludes with the second-ever formal training in pelvic screw fixation specifically designed for the interventional radiologist.With an anticipated course ratio of 3:1 participants to faculty, the SIO Master Class is your chance to obtain the hands-on training you want and cement valuable personal connections through one-on-one discussions with international experts. Invited faculty include:

  • Lambros Tselikas, MD
  • Sean Tutton, MD
  • Afshin Gangi, MD, PhD
  • Muneeb Ahmed, MD
  • Jack Jennings, MD
  • Frederic Deschamps, MD
  • Steve Yevich, MD, MPH
  • Matthew R. Callstrom, MD, PhD
  • Kritofer M. Schramm, MD
  • William B. Lea, MD
  • A. Nick Kurup, MD
  • Jonathan Morris, MD
  • Dimitrios Filippiadis, MD, PhD, MSc
  • Douglas Beall, MD
  • Steve Morgan, MD
  • Anthony Brown, MD
  • Alexis Kelekis, MD


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Who Should Attend?

Interventional radiologists seeking to expand their treatment arsenal through advanced MSK procedures are invited to attend.

The workshop is geared towards participants currently in practice, who work in a facility that regularly performs spine and extremity musculoskeletal interventions such as biopsies, pain injections, vertebral augmentation, or image-guided ablation.


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