About the Society

SIO Membership Committee

Committee Charge

The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with committees, membership, Board and staff liaisons on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.

Committee Goals & Responsibilities

Expand Membership to physicians and related professionals in the Interventional Oncology field around the world. Evaluate the needs of these professionals and develop strategies for recruitment through the utilization of new association resources. Collaborate with other Committees and the Board of Directors to establish criteria for resource development.

Committee Members

Ronald Arellano, MD, Committee Chair

Constantinos Sofocleous, MD, PhD, FSIR, FCIRSE, Board Liaison

Dimtrios Filippiadis, MD, PhD, MSc, EBIR

Ahmed Kamel, MD, PhD

Suyash Kulkarni, MD

Marcos Menezes, MD, PhD

Roy Santosham, MD

Renjie Yang, MD