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Membership level for physicians who practice interventional oncology or a related field and PhD level scientists. This limited-time option provides membership through 12/31/2021.

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This chart reflects the benefits given to each type of SIO Membership.

Active Intl. Affiliate Fellow Resident Student Corporate
Price $400 Varies $250 $40 $40 $0 $2500

Recognition on the SIO website and at the Annual Meeting

Voting rights

Opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair

Opportunity to serve on a committee

Discounts on meeting and workshops

Opportunity to submit applications for research grants

Access to IO Insights

Access IO University

Access to Case of the week

Inclusion in the Member Directory

First choice for IO Essentials Program

Conference Sessions on Demand
Booth Priority
Events with SIO Leadership
SIO Member Mailing List
Conference Exhibitor Director
Attendee List for SIO's Annual Meeting
Use of SIO Logo

Recognition in SIO Exhibit Booths

Corporate Member Ribbons