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Institutional Resident Membership

New in 2022! SIO Institutional Membership for Resident Members

The Institutional Resident Membership will provide resident members within an institution to purchase resident membership as a group, offering discounted resident membership rates when purchased as a group.

Institutional resident members enjoy the same benefits as individual SIO resident members, including access to online materials, discounted registration to the annual meeting and education events, and more!

Institutional resident memberships can be purchased for resident members in groups of 5 or more individuals, offering savings of up to $250 when an institution registers more than 20 resident members. See below for additional pricing information.


                               Institutional Resident Membership Pricing

1-5 Members
This tier saves $50 off 5 members 
6-10 Members
This tier saves $75 off 10 members
11-15 Members
This tier saves $100 off 15 members
16-20 Members
This tier saves $100 off 20 members
21-25 Members
   This tier saves $100 off 20 members   
25+ Members
  Custom Pricing  

For any questions regarding institutional resident membership or begin your institutional resident membership, email and an SIO staff member will assist you.