SIO Case Spotlight Information


  1. Provide a interactive tool for continued medical education for SIO members
  2. Provide a case archive that supports fellow and resident education
  3. Provide a platform for members that allows them to pursue peer-review publications

General guidelines

  • Initial submission should be approved by a peer-review process that allows case selection
  • Once selected, a detailed filed with the specific requirements will be mailed to the authors.
    • Ideally, submit a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 10-15 slides divided in:
      • 1 slide clinical information
      • 2 slides with imaging content that should support video for diagnostic questions/concept to test.
      • 3 slides with multiple-choice questions that should be resolved in a interactive fashion which should allow the user to compare his performance with other users.
      • 5-7 slides with educational content that fully explain the diagnosis or concept tested.
      • 1 slide should include relevant references
  • Once edited by the editorial team, the editor should give his approval.
  • Once approved, case should be published and pushed into the archive.


  1. Pursue partnership with a publisher (for example, Wolters Kluwer) that can provide archiving and publishing infrastructure. This will allow offering the case archive access to institutional libraries via its Ovid platform, using licensing agreements. Free access to the cases and its CME will be restricted to SIO members.

Questions on Submitting Cases

  1. Initial vetting response should take no longer than 1 week.
  2. Posting on the website should occur within 3 months, depending if revisions are requested.
  3. All cases are put through review by our panel of associate editors.
  4. To encourage fellow and resident submission, the only criterion is that all cases must include a supervising or attending radiologist. Resident or medical student co-authors are not required, that way private practice physicians can participate in the archive.
  5. The author team should consist of many unique combinations of contributors. We should accept international submissions.
  6. All submitted images must be digital and must be JPEG format. For videos, mpeg should suffice.
  7. In an effort to recognize the authors, headshots for all authors can be submitted along with other case materials
  8. As suggestions, we should follow the American College of Radiology citation formatting for their Case-in-Points. Here are two examples:

APA format:
Poff, J., & Jha, S. (2011). Paradoxical embolus. Case in Point. Retrieved from
AMA format:
Poff J, Jha S. Paradoxical embolus. Case in Point. 2011. Accessed January 23, 2012.

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