Artificial Intelligence Hackathon at SIO2021

The SIO announces the 2nd Artificial Intelligence Hackathon, to be held at the upcoming virtual SIO Annual Scientific Meeting 3-6 February 2021. The Hackathon will take place live on Friday, 5 February at 5:15 pm EST.


Congratulations to Dr. Leigh Casadaban, winner of the SIO2020 AI Hackathon!

Motto: "From Code to Bedside"

Submit your proposal by 17 January 2021 and pitch your project idea live to the SIO audience and the judging panel. The top three pitches will receive SIO Artificial Intelligence Seed Grants to jump-start their AI research projects and will be invited to present preliminary results during SIO2022.

The SIO Artificial Intelligence Hackathon is a 1 hour open session at the Virtual SIO Annual Scientific Meeting which will give selected teams the opportunity to pitch their AI-based research project proposals with high translational value to a judging panel composed of SIO research committee members and industry representatives on the criteria of healthcare impact, innovation, translatability to product, and presentation. The best three teams will receive seed grants (with the top team receiving 50% of the total prize money and the two runners-up teams receiving each 25%). The invited teams will be given 5 minutes of time to pitch their project and propose an AI-based solution to a specific clinical problem in IO, followed by 1 minutes of Q/A by the judging panel. The proposal should have a high translational value and implementation should have immediate impact on cancer care in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Liver, Prostate and Lung Cancer Interventions
  • Image Analysis
  • Image Guidance Problems
  • Automated Delineation of Organs on Multi-parametric Imaging
  • Prediction of Therapy Outcomes and Response Assessment
  • Automated Diagnosis of Target Tumors
  • Cost Efficacy Applications
  • Streamlining of Clinical Workflow
  • QA and QI

The SIO requests that pitching teams guarantee the availability of data necessary to complete the project. A single individual may be a part of up to 2 different teams and submissions. An individual site may submit up to 2 proposals.

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