SIO2021 Annual Scientific Meeting: Abstracts and E-Posters 

SIO wishes to congratulate the SIO2021 Award Winners!

Best Poster

Title: Interventional oncology techniques for breast cancer metastatic disease
Presenting Author: Evgenia Efthymiou, MD
Supporting Authors: Dimitrios K. Filippiadis, MD, PhD, EBIR; Konstantinos Palialexis; Lazaros Reppas, MD; Alexis Kelekis, MD, PhD, EBIR; Elias Brountzos, MD, PhD, EBIR; Nikolaos Kelekis, MD, PhD, EBIR
Institution: University Hospital Attikon

Best Abstract

Title: Quantitative analysis of microwave lung ablation zones
Presenting Author: Arvind Dev
Supporting Authors: Krishna N. Keshavamurthy, Msc; Steve Solomon, MD; Etay Ziv, MD
Institution: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Thank you to everyone who shared their research at SIO2021. Your contributions are vital to SIO's mission of advancing the field of Interventional Oncology.