Fourth pillar, here we come!

The response to the WCIO call for volunteers was overwhelming. 60 nominees hailed from 14 countries and 8 medical specialties, government and industry, including 7 Department Chairmen, 14 Section Chiefs, and multiple leaders of national and international societies. 

The breadth and depth of the pool reflects the core values of WCIO as an international and multidisciplinary community. The appeal of WCIO was global, spanning four continents. Nominees included medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists; basic scientists; diagnostic and nuclear radiologists; industry; and the NCI. Professional experience ranged from Fellow to Professor & Chairman.

Reasons for people’ s interest in WCIO were as varied as their backgrounds.

“I cannot think of a better way to help chart a stronger course for IO than to be part of the WCIO organization. I believe strongly that the organizers have done an outstanding job of presenting the newest ideas and boldest direction for the field of IO.”

- Fred Moeslin, MD, IR Section Chief, University of Maryland

“WCIO is an organization which is at the forefront of promoting and advancing Interventional Oncology on a global scale through annual meetings and IO Central.”

- Eric Howenwalter, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

 “WCIO serves as the largest platform of Interventional Oncology worldwide.” 

- Dimitrios Filippiadis, MD, University Hospital ATTIKON, Greece

 “I believe that the WCIO, an organization dedicated and committed to Interventional Oncology, and led by pioneers of this young medical specialty, is uniquely positioned to discern the most appropriate and practical method to train future Interventional Oncologists.”

- Robert Lewandowski, MD, Northwestern University

 “I have found WCIO to be a venue where my research can be best presented and where I enjoy contributing to the field of IO.” 

- MingDe Lin, PhD, Philips Research

“My interest in serving WCIO comes from my innate motivation to excel in patient care.”

- Kalva Sanjeeva, MD, Director, Center for Image-Guided Cancer Therapy, Massachusetts General Hospital

“My interest in serving WCIO stems from a passion about the future of interventional oncology.”

 - Timothy Ziemlewicz, MD, University of Wisconsin


Education & Training...Research...Patient Care...Passion...The Future of IO...


I couldn’t have said it better.  Fourth pillar, here we come!

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