MSK Workshop Director: Jack Jennings, MD, PhD

MSK Workshop Director, Dr. Jack Jennings of Washington University Saint Louis, shares his perspective on SIO as he leads the planning of the second annual Musculoskeletal Interventional Oncology Workshop at SIO2020. Dr. Jennings is a musculoskeletal trained radiologist whose practice predominantly focus on MSK interventional oncology and the treatment of metastatic spine and bone disease.


What motivated you to focus your career on IO?

"My mentor, Louis A Gilula (a pioneer in MSK interventional radiology and vertebroplasty) was my driving force to focus on MSK IO."


Why did you choose to take on a leadership role in SIO?

"The formation of SIO has been one of best things that has happened in my career to date.  It is such an honor to be involved in the only society who's mission is the promotion of interventional oncology as a separate discipline and the 4th piece of the pie in the treatment of cancer which has included medical, radiation, and surgical oncology."


What is an important goal of your committee?

"People with cancer are living longer and more are developing metastatic bone disease.  Through the MSK master class we are teaching and advancing the adoption of the ever expanding armamentarium of therapies for  MSK IO."


Is there a current project you'd like to highlight?

"The goal of the MSK IO is to continue the advance and adoption of the MSK IO procedures and increase the performance of these techniques in both the private and academic practices."


Why is SIO membership important?

"Being a member of SIO is contributing to the overall mission of IO being universally established as an integral portion of the multi-disciplinary treatment of cancer.  The membership also offers you direct interaction with the national and international leaders in the many disciplines and allows many workshops and masterclasses to get hands on training.  Increasing membership increases our voice on the national level to modify and include IO procedures in treatment algorithms and guidelines."


What do you enjoy in your personal life?

"I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family including watching my many children play in their different athletic and extra-curricular activities."


To learn more about the SIO MSK Workshop at SIO2020, check out this video or visit the site.

To volunteer with SIO and join Dr. Jennings and other committee leaders in their efforts, visit:

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