Juan C. Camacho, MD is Returning to WCIO in 2016. Are You?

Each year, the WCIO programming committee discusses not only the successes of each event, but ways to improve upon attendees’ experiences. An important part of this is understanding what brings physicians, residents and fellows to the conference in the first place and also what keeps them coming back year after year.

Juan C. Camacho, MD specializes in interventional radiology with significant expertise in abdominal imaging and body MRI, allowing him to have a more comprehensive approach to image-guided therapies. His research primarily focuses on evaluation of imaging biomarkers to quantify response to locoregional therapies and prediction of overall therapeutic outcomes. IO Insights recently spoke with Dr. Camacho to discuss what brought him to his first WCIO conference and what he is excited to experience at this year’s conference in Boston.

IO Insights: When did you first attend the WCIO Conference?

Juan Camacho: WCIO 2013

IO: What attracted you to the event in the first place?

JC: It was an opportunity to present my research, to network with the “big names” in the field and to learn from everybody else’s experience through lectures and scientific presentations. Also, I believe WCIO is the one true venture in Interventional Oncology and manages to gather world experts, not only European or North American. 

IO: What are key takeaways from the WCIO Conference?

JC: It is the perfect scenario for learning about what is going on in the interventional oncology world. It allows industry professionals to benchmark with other peers.

IO: What advice would you give to a first-time attendee?

JC: If that attendee is a resident/fellow, go for the WCIO travel grant and attend the early career symposium. I will recommend that also to any interventionalist within three years of practice. If in academics, attend the scientific presentations…usually are small and intimate environment that allow direct interaction with both presenters, moderators and the general audience. Also, try to mingle in the social events and use the plenary sessions to have a quick overview of what is new in the interventional oncology world.

IO: Will you be joining us again for WCIO 2016 in Boston? If so, what are you most looking forward to at the conference this year?

JC: Yes, I will. I am looking forward to the scientific presentations, again, because of the possibility of very close interactions with presenters and moderators. Also, I want to know what is new in the IO world through the expert’s lectures. And I am really looking forward to potentially be able to join IO Central and to more actively participate in WCIO committees and in the organization of the conference…therefore, I am looking forward to meet again with the IO community in the only event that has been able to gather the world’s experts. 

Join Dr. Camacho and other colleagues at the premier event for interventional oncology this summer, 9-12 June 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit the WCIO2016 website to learn more about what you can find at this year’s event.

What was your first WCIO event like? Share your experience with IO Insights and you may be featured on our website and in our next issue. Contact info@IO-central.org to express your interest and our editorial staff will reach out with an attendee questionnaire. 

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