Interventional Oncologists Appointed to NCTN Task Forces

In a major breakthrough, ECOG-ACRIN has nominated interventional oncologists to the Neuroendocrine and Colorectal Task Forces of the GI Steering Committee of the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN).

This is a strategically important position. The role of the Task Force is to serve as an inter-agency clearing house for trial proposals among all the Cooperative Groups (ECOG, SWOG, NRG, CCTG and Alliance) to avoid duplication and to facilitate enrollment in approved trials across the cooperative groups.

Each cooperative group has a GI Committee with several disease-specific working groups: esophagogastric, hepatobiliary, pancreas, NET, colon, and anorectal. Proposals coming from these Working Groups must be endorsed by the intergroup Task Force in order to obtain final approval by the NCI GI Steering Committee.

Dr. Bruno Odisio from MD Anderson Cancer Center will be the representative to the Colon Task Force, and Dr. Michael Soulen from the University of Pennsylvania will be on the Net Task Force.

These Task Force appointments provide an additional layer of representation by IO to help shepherd trial concepts initiated by the new ECOG-ACRIN Interventional Oncology Working Group through the NCI approval process.

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